Another Compliance To High Level Standards – FC Passes IBM’s Audit With Absolute Success


Fominov Consulting is celebrating another significant achievement. In 2014 Fominov Consulting attained Silver Partnership status with IBM and year after year this collaboration has proven itself to be persistent.  Today we are thrilled to receive Thank-You letter from IBM World Trade Corporation.

This letter is an obvious evidence that we have successfully passed audit in May 2018 and met all business conduct requirements by IBM.

During this audit check we promptly provided IBM auditor with all relevant documentation (invoices, delivery orders, contracts and purchase orders) and enable IBM to verify that all information provided was truthful and accurate and that IBM Products have been or will be supplied to the End User in accordance with the terms of Company.

Being appreciated by the global IT leader is the biggest reward we’re excited to obtain. This well-deserved gratitude is the result of combination of hard work and therefore we were able to demonstrate proper client-oriented service and excellently managed business/corporate ethics.

The total compliance with the IBM Business Partner Agreement encourages us to work even harder in order to provide long-lasting collaboration between our company and IBM enterprise.

Once again Fominov Consulting LLC has proved to be reliable, trustworthy, responsible and performing full commitment of a business partner.