Data Center Solutions

  • Design, Planning, Sizing, Workload Estimations and Simulation
  • Servers, Storage and Client/Workplace Virtualization (VDI)
  • Workloads virtualizations and scale-out parallelism solutions
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructures (SaaS, IaaS and DRaaS enablement)
  • SDS (Software Defined Storage) Solutions
  • SDN (Software Defined Network) for Data Center Core
  • Business Continuity- High Availability, Geo/Metro-Clusters and Disaster Recovery
  • Data Center Networking and Monitoring Systems
  • Data Backup, Recovery and Retention
  • Information Security and Physical Security for Enterprise DC
  • Stress Testing, Audit and Consulting Services
  • OLTP/DB applications benchmarking and optimization
  • Infrastructure Optimization, Managed and Migration Services
  • SLA Support and Maintenance Services and Help Desk
  • Power and Cooling