Security Solutions

  • PIM/PAM (Privilege Identity/Account Management)
  • Inner/Outer Perimeter Security of Network and Applications (WAF/NGF)
  • IdM & SSO (Identity Management and Single Sign-On)
  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
  • DLP (Data Loss Prevention)
  • Database Security and Firewalling
  • UBA (User Behavior Analytics) Enabled Security
  • EPS (End Point Security) and IoT (Internet of Things) Security Solutions
  • Content Security Solutions
  • Multiple-Stage (n-Factor) Authorization Solutions
  • Data Encryption (PKI, Network Transport and Data Vaulting)
  • Security NOC and C&CC (Command and Control Centres)
  • CCTV, Thermal Vision and Terahertz Screening Solutions
  • Real-time Video Analytics and Detection, including Suspects Search
  • Perimeter Security (Penetration Attempt Early Detection)
  • Biometric Access Solutions and Access Chambers
  • Proximity Detection and Object/Person Tracking (indoor and outdoor)
  • Assets Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions
  • Big Data Analytics for Physical and IT Security Forensic
  • Countermeasures Security Solutions