New Storage System and Oracle Database Optimization For Premium Bank

Primary Contractor

Project Scope

Data centers have been the solution and will continue to be at the forefront of data management. With the emergence of cloud, big data & analytics and other solutions, the storage management needs of enterprises are growing exponentially.

The first challenge is to select the storage that fits your business the most. It must be Efficient, scalable and have futureproof options for your data storage infrastructure. Today’s infrastructure and operations leaders are looking for the best way to manage their ever-growing amount of unstructured data.

The second, but not less important challenge, is optimizing data storage to access the right data at the right time, providing the data foundation to propel your organization into the cognitive era with confidence.

Goals and Benefits

After installing Lenovo’s new central storage system, the overall performance of all the fundamentals of banking systems increased significantly, which allowed the bank to ensure a quality level of infrastructure growth at minimal cost. Due to the exact analysis and calculation performed by the specialists of Fominov Consulting, it was possible to design the most optimal infrastructure of the central storage system.

The ThinkSystem DS4200 is a perfect fit for a wide range of workloads, from specialized workloads such as big data and analytics, video surveillance, media streaming, and private clouds to general purpose workloads such as file and print serving, web serving, e-mail and collaboration, and OLTP databases. The DS4200 is also suited very well for secure archive storage or a consolidated backup solution

In addition, the new optimization of the Oracle system, in particular, the improvement of the operating system to Oracle Linux 7 release 3 with improved indicators of the Clusterware system and database, as well as the improvement of the Back Up system to a multi-level Oracle RMAN (Recovery Manager), has expanded the capabilities of the bank, strengthening reliability and multiply the efficiency of the entire system.

The new version of Oracle Linux relies on approach of Oracle which provides support of new perspective technologies, in combination with providing to clients and partners of the advanced innovations, tools and the Linux functions necessary for creation of solutions of a corporate class for a modern data processing center.

Hardware products used

Lenovo ThinkSystem DS4200 storage system

Software products used

Oracle Linux 7 release 3


June-July 2019