AzInTeleCom Storage Upgrade

Primary Contractor

Project Scope

It’s obvious that sooner or later any business will need more space for data storage, especially to maintain and back up a variety of data they might have otherwise deleted.

The other main aspect is security system – the applications that run and protect your business require a lot of disk space. In addition, a number of trends are fueling our growing hunger for reconsidering storage system.

That is why the primary aim of AzInteleCom company was adapting to the changing business environment and therefore, improve Storage system.

Goals and Benefits

After technical discussion and system analysis Fominov Consulting team jointly with AzInteleCom made their choice on the most appropriate Storage system for their organization – Lenovo SAN storage system – 900TB which is a versatile storage system designed to provide simplicity, speed, scalability, security, and high availability for small to large businesses.

Lenovo SAN storage system  delivers enterprise-class storage management technology in a cost-effective solution with a wide choice of host connectivity options, flexible drive configurations, and enhanced data management features.

It is a perfect fit for a wide range of workloads, from specialized workloads such as big data and analytics, video surveillance, media streaming, and private clouds to general purpose workloads such as file and print serving, web serving, e-mail and collaboration, and OLTP databases. Additionally, it is also suited very well for secure archive storage or a consolidated backup solution. Lenovo SAN storage system supports Intelligent Real-time Tiering capabilities that help optimize system performance, reduce costs, and simplify management.

Easy-to-use, affordable storage-area network (SAN) storage with advanced capabilities to integrate into your existing infrastructure would always make the best choice for your company’s business solutions.

Hardware products used

Lenovo SAN storage system – 900TB


1 day for hardware installation in November 2018