Storage Upgrade and Optimization For SOFAZ

Primary Contractor

Project Scope

Each new version of a software application or operating system demands more hard-drive real estate than its predecessor. Storing information and managing its storage is critical to a company’s behind-the-scenes success.

The growing need to store large files make them available to users on a network is generating demand for more sophisticated storage solutions. Solving these dynamic problems could be achieved either by enlarging capacity of exciting Storage or buying new one. After discussion it’s been decided to purchase brand-new Storage System.

Goals and Benefits

First, you must consider what your storage needs in terms of both capacity and physical location. Then you should look at the storage options that best fits those needs. Lastly, you need to develop a plan for implementing your chosen storage solutions.

In order to make new storage system part of a stack that is already existing Fominov Consulting also preformed integration procedures – so the whole system would work holistically.

The Lenovo ThinkSystem DS6200 was chosen as a new Storage system. What are the advantages – it is a versatile, scalable mid-range storage system designed to provide simplicity, speed, scalability, security, and high availability for medium to large businesses. The ThinkSystem DS6200 delivers enterprise-class storage management technology in a performance-optimized solution with a wide choice of host connectivity options, flexible drive configurations, and enhanced data management features. The ThinkSystem DS6200 is a perfect fit for a wide range of enterprise workloads, including big data and analytics, transactional systems, OLTP databases, and other storage I/O-intensive applications.

Hardware products used

Lenovo ThinkSystem DS6200 storage system


Phase 1: 1 day for hardware installation, SAN configuration, data migration and optimization of existing EMC systems in February 2019

Phase 2: 1 day for integration in April 2019