AttackIQ: Real-time Cybersecurity Readiness


A growing business should never stand still – no matter how established a business is, it must keep moving to maintain its position. IT business never stands still – therefore keeping pace with digitalization by adopting best-in-class IT solutions is one of the priorities for us.

Fominov Consulting continues to expand the list of its partners in order to be able to offer clients even more profitable, individually based solutions.

We are entering into a new partnership with AttackIQ, a company that has long established itself in the global IT market as a provider of high-quality services. Cybersecurity had become a strategic discipline for large organizations as the pressure on security professionals increased dramatically due to the pandemic and recent supply chain and ransomware breaches. AttackIQ offers tremendous benefits to defend against unwanted attacker behavior. As it continues its strategic international expansion in private and public organizations, growth and vision of security optimization – we are happy to welcome it also in Azerbaijan. Continuous investment in the future of the company reaffirms the company’s security optimization platform that helps organizations validate the effectiveness of their security controls.

Every Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) must answer the following question ‘Are we ready for the next attack?’ AttackIQ lets CISOs assure the effectiveness and efficiency of their security programs.

AttackIQ, founded in 2013, provides an automated validation platform, enabling organizations to test and measure the effectiveness of their security posture. Its security optimization platform offers continuous security control validation and improves security program effectiveness and efficiency for organizations. The company also provides free entry-level, advanced cybersecurity training and hands-on cyberrange labs to help security officers keep up with updates on the latest cyber threats, attacks and defense strategies.

Leading Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 organizations are optimizing their cybersecurity programs with AttackIQ. AttackIQ is on a mission to make the world safe for compute. They understand that small companies with limited resources are often tasked with overwhelming security challenges, while large organizations are dealing with vast and complex security challenges across multiple fronts. Their customers are informed defenders, who are putting a threat-informed defense into practice to optimize their security programs with better insights, better decisions, and real security outcomes.


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