“Family Day” Expedition, 29-30.04.23

“Family Day” Expedition, 29-30.04.23


Forest School Azerbaijan and Fominov Consulting are thrilled to announce the success of their recent “Family Day” expedition in southern Azerbaijan! Families from different regions came together to explore the beautiful city of Lankaran, as well as the stunning Sim village in Astara. Along the way, participants were treated to a variety of exciting and educational activities.

The first day of the expedition started in Istisu district where families visited a tea plantation. Here, they were introduced to the art of tea-making and got to learn about the different varieties of tea. The participants also learned how tea is cultivated, the rules for brewing tea, and even got to participate in a tea-tasting session.

After that families visited the Khanbulan Reservoir, located in the Hirkan National Park, where they had the opportunity to explore the beautiful scenery and had close contact with nature.

The next stop of expedition was Bamboo Plantation, where the families got to learn about the cultivation of bamboo and even participated in a masterclass on bamboo crafting.

The final day of the expedition saw the families hiking to the Sim Waterfall and participating in a session about surviving outdoors. The participants learned about the different techniques for surviving in the wilderness and gained valuable knowledge that will be useful for future outdoor adventures.

This unforgettable weekend was the perfect opportunity for families to come together and connect with nature, as well as each other. With so many exciting activities on offer, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Thank you to all the families who participated in this event, and we look forward to seeing you at our next expedition!