Fominov Consulting Performed Successful Integration To Express Bank System


Information technologies are fundamental to achieve success in any kind of organization and it seems impossible to imagine banking system performing without these technologies.

It is known that Express Bank is one of the leading innovators in banking technology. This success is a result of hardworking team accompanied by new technologies which provide prompt and effective business process management.

The key to prospective development is to make the right decision when choosing trustful and flexible platform for the whole IT-infrastructure. After thorough discussions with participation of both sides – Express Bank and Fominov Consulting – the preference was given to IBM AIX7 Power Systems server architecture in combination with IBM’s PowerVM virtualization offerings.

Aside from obtaining a financial advantage it’s obvious to consider that continuous increased workload of the main system demands the whole system to be safe and secure. AIX system fully meets all listed eligibility requirements.

Fominov Consulting was chosen by bank as IT-outsourcer and one more time has demonstrated extensive knowledge in local IT market. Collaboration of bank’s technical specialists and Fominov Consulting team, which worked on a tight schedule, made it possible to implement the transition to a new system without downtime and was completely transparent for the bank’s services.

We hope that Express Bank will make a good example and motivation for all banks in Azerbaijan.

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