IBM “Think 2018” Global Event, Las Vegas, USA, 19-22 March 2018

Conference Scope

Being a Silver Business Partner of IBM, Fominov Consulting team was representing Azerbaijan by participating in the top-level business and technology event  – “Think 2018”. Over 40,000 participants attended; among them was best IBM business partners, key customers and high-level management of IBM. “Think 2018” offers a great starting point to think about the future development of IT and cognitive technologies

This 4-day conference started with announcing innovations positioned to change our lives within the next five years. For more than seven decades, IBM Research has defined the future of information technology with more than 3,000 researchers in 12 labs.  Crypto-anchors, Blockchain, AI-powered robotic microscopes, quantum computing – these are the main highlights of conference to improve our life drastically.

We would like to mention two most exciting IBM innovations of today.

Blockchain as a tool against counterfeiting

According to Andreas Kind, Manager Industry Platforms and Blockchain IBM Research in Zurich, 40% of auto parts sold are fake. Healthcare system suffers from the same problem – 70% of drugs either not effective or may even harm. Currently, global economic damage across all industries due to the counterfeiting of goods is estimated at over $600 billion annually.

Taking into account the diversity of problem only multi-directional concept of problem solving helped the company to develop a new technology, known as lattice cryptography. Cryptographic anchors — such as ink dots or tiny computers smaller than a grain of salt — will be embedded in everyday objects and devices. The technical core of method is similar to hologram trademark or software license keys generated by manufacturer-provided mathematical algorithms which are difficult to copy.

They will be used in tandem with Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology to ensure an object’s authenticity from its point of origin to when it reaches the hands of the customer. These technologies pave the way for new solutions that tackle food safety, authenticity of manufactured components, genetically modified products, identification of counterfeit objects and provenance of luxury goods.

Quantum computers

One year ago IBM delivered public access to a quantum computer and now company boldly announces quantum computers to be introduced to students and graduates in the closest future. Solving complicated science problems once considered unsolvable, creating new improved neural network and all spheres demanding significant counting resources – this is the future scope of quantum computing.

In order to implement and develop quantum computing IBM needs high-qualified specialists. Talia Gershon, head of IBM AI Challenges and Quantum Experiences department, says: “Don’t apply classic linear logic to thinking about quantum computing, and understand that quantum computing doesn’t exist in a vacuum.”

As a consequence, IBM started looking for new specialists and provided free access to real quantum computing hardware. Only a year and a half ago, company put IBM Q experience prototype 5-qubit machine in the cloud, and made it available for the world to use, explore, and learn from. Today, more than 60,000 users from more than 1,500 universities, 300 high schools, and 300 private institutions have registered for accounts on the IBM Q experience



In conclusion, we would like to mention that “Think 2018” is the flagship IBM conference built to help modernize and secure one’s enterprise. But for us, “Think 2018” is not just a conference but also an important opportunity for Fominov Consulting team to keep our professional development effective and continuous.