SearchInform And Fominov Consulting – Establishing Relationship With Leading Risk Management Solutions Developer


Fominov Consulting is very pleased to announce our partnership with SearchInform company. Our two companies share a passion for providing the IT sector with solid solutions that will make a world of difference by bringing next generation data leak prevention technology to the local market.

SearchInform is one of the leading risk management product developers. For over a decade the company has been a technological trailblazer focusing on contemporary cybersecurity threats, protecting business and government institutions against data theft, harmful human behavior, compliance breaches and incomplete audit.

More than 2000 companies across all major economic domains, from banking and retail to machinery and fighter jet manufacturers, count on SearchInform regarding efficient holistic risk management solution defending against ever-improving threats and allowing you to avoid ominous consequences.

The SearchInform solution is in a league of its own when it comes to fraud and risk management in organizations. The issue of business protection is growing all over the world. SearchInform strategy is to embrace all aspects of the problem and suggest focusing on prevention from confidential information leakage as well as on eliminating fraud, corruption and other unlawful acts. It also takes into consideration social media and other communication channels used daily in organizations. The entire design is of value to any organization, whether from an Information security perspective or even an operational point of view. The information gathered can increase productivity, structuring and much more in any organization big or small. The system is unique because it offers data leak prevention but can also be used to strengthen various other aspects in the organization from HR to finance.

We are extremely excited with the SearchInform partnership. Leading system integrators from different regions of Russia, CIS countries, Latin America, Middle East and Africa already work with SearchInform. And we will be glad to be among them.

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