Storware Platinum Partner Status


Fominov Consulting company became first Azerbaijanian company to receive Storware Platinum Status, the highest level of Storware partnership. It is a status given to the most experienced and the most dedicated partners of Storware, in order to emphasize their values in the market.

Storware solutions and services allow customers to optimize the IT indrastructure and achieve greater business success. Storware Platinum status affirms the highest level of expertise about products, technical skills and Storware solutions in general. These characteristics have been fulfilled by Fominov Consulting for a long time, and it’s our pleasure of saying that all formal conditions for the highest level of partnership are now fulfilled too. We hope achieving new status will ease the way to improve businesses in Azerbaijan.

As a Storware Platinum Partners we will be able to enjoy a direct trading relationship with Storware – this means we have the latest pricing and management information at our fingertips. Thereafter these advantages will maintain our customers’ satisfaction degree and ensure their business remains desirable, profitable, and competitive for a long time to come.

Fominov Consulting will continue developing a strategic partnership with Storware to deliver innovative IT solutions from endpoints to infrastructure. Solve your organization’s IT challenges with certified Fominov Consulting’s expert engineers and more to help your organization transform and thrive!


Storware mission is to develop best-in-class data protection solutions for all kinds of businesses. They help reduce the risk of data loss and its associated cost. Wherever you keep your data – in the cloud, on servers or endpoints – they continuously care and bring additional value to them. Storware successfully offers products through the worldwide distribution and partner channel.

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