The 8th regional StarTech – ICT event, 04.11.23


On November 4, 2023, the eighth regional ICT event for schoolgirls -StarTech, was held at the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of Azerbaijan center in Sheki. This traditional event was organized by the Public Association “Supporting Women in TECH” – “FEMMES DIGITALES” and received organizational support from “ASAN xidmət” and the Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan. The conference was sponsored by Fominov Consulting LLC and B.EST Solutions, in partnership with STEP IT Academy Azerbaijan, and received information support from InfoCity Magazine. The children received memorable gifts with assistance from The Ministry of Digital Development and Transport.

The event kicked off with an opening speech by Bahruz Nasibov, the acting director of the Sheki ASAN xidmət center, who stressed the significance of IT education for girls. In the first phase, representatives of “FEMMES DIGITALES” introduced the girls to various TECH-related careers by sharing their own experiences, showcasing their daily work routines, and demonstrating their professional skills in the field.

The schoolgirls were also provided with a list of schools and universities in Azerbaijan where they could pursue further education in technology. Subsequently, a seminar on honing presentation skills was conducted, and upon its conclusion, the schoolgirls, organized into teams, presented their innovative projects and implementation plans to the audience. Each girl had to select a profession and role within their respective projects. During a practical session, mentors from STEP IT Academy acquainted the girls with coding and robotics basics.

More than 70 students from different Sheki schools and nearby villages participated in the StarTech program. The event featured the active involvement of “FEMMES DIGITALES” members, including leaders and leading experts from companies like B.EST Solutions, PASHA Bank OJSC, Bloom Group Azerbaijan, Cybernet LLC, Bestcomp Group, Fominov Consulting, MONT Azerbaijan, STEP IT Academy, as well as organizations such as the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, the Ministry of Science and Education, “ASAN xidmət,” and the Baku European Lyceum. At the end of the program all the schoolgirls were presented with participation certificates.

     As part of a regional tour, “FEMMES DIGITALES” members were familiarized with the Sheki Ceramics Center and the ABAD Public Legal Entity Exhibition Center.

      The regional program has been running since 2016, and thanks to the StarTech initiative, nearly a thousand girls from rural areas, including small villages, have been granted the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of technology and explore its potential. Previously, the program was carried out in locations like Masally, Gabala, Guba, Shamakhi, Mingachevir, Lankaran, and Ismayilli, where it received positive feedback from both the girls and their parents. It is important to underscore that this program plays a significant role in expanding the horizons for schoolgirls aiming for professional and higher education in the technology field. Through educational activities and inspiring practical sessions, along with the presentation of real-life examples of female leaders of the Femmes Digitales organization, this initiative fosters increased interest among girls in information technology and the tech industry as a whole. This allows them to view the tech sector as a promising career path and discover new opportunities in their education and future professional endeavors.