Identity Service Engine

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About the Project and Solution

IT Security is one for the important factors many enterprises begun to consider as explicit prerequisite for reliable IT/ICT infrastructure. The secure network access technology layer is the one of highly demanded components of security stack.  It gain awareness of everything hitting your network. Provide access consistently and efficiently. Relieve the stress of complex access management.

Cisco ISE (Identity Service Engine) has been chosen as a primary platform.  Since the deployment users and devices are shown in a simple, flexible interface. ISE shares details through the Cisco Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid) with partner platforms to make them user, device, and network aware. Bank can now control all access from one place – Simplify access across wired, wireless, and VPN connections. Policies are cascaded across all types of access points and enforced by Cisco TrustSec software-defined segmentation. Reduced risks and containing threats by dynamically controlling network access. ISE can assess vulnerabilities and apply threat intelligence. It can also contain a suspicious device for remediation. We call this Cisco Rapid Threat Containment.

Hardware products used

Existing hardware infrastructure used

Software products used

Cisco ISE VM and Endpoint Apex


Nov 2016