Premium Bank is the first commercial bank to create its own private cloud – Enterprise Cloud

Primary Contractor

Project Scope

Today, one of the main factors in successful banking is the constant introduction of innovations using the most modern information technologies. Premium Bank is an excellent example which sets an active pace of technology development in the field of digital transformation.

Goals and Benefits

Premium Bank created its own private cloud – the first commercial bank in Azerbaijan who is using Enterprise Cloud. Transferring new product development and testing services, all major ABS applications and modules, including new Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services to its own cloud environment, guarantees the Bank a flexible and unhindered development for many years to come. In fact, now the strength and time of the IT specialists is aimed at developing new technologies, and not at daily worries about how to maintain the current infrastructure, how to add a new server, and what to do with the old one later.

Premium Bank considered various scenarios, and settled on a hyper-convergent platform using an extended set of hyper-convergence software and Enterprise Cloud from one supplier – NUTANIX, and equipment from another global leader – LENOVO, with which the Bank has already had many successful years of experience.

According to Gartner Magic Quadrant reports, over the past three years NUTANIX keeps on being a leader.

Earlier, Premium Bank used VMware for application virtualization tasks. Now the transition to the NUTANIX AHV hypervisor has been completed. According to information from the Bank, administrators are very pleased with the set of its capabilities, convenience and ease of management. Literally in a week, experts easily mastered AHV and professionally started administration.

The full transition was carried out in three stages. The first step included installation of the new high-performance LENOVO switches and then the server segment of the banking data center was phased out. At the second stage, after Lenovo ThinkAgile installations with pre-installed NUTANIX has been arrived, they were connected to the prepared network infrastructure and created a direct migration bridge between the two infrastructures. At the third stage, migration was carried out. The process of transferring working virtual machines from a VMware environment to NUTANIX was very simple and convenient, because we used NUTANIX Move product, which allows you to transfer virtual machines in one click with almost zero downtime.

Premium Bank made a sharp breakthrough by abandoning many stereotypes. Not much time has passed since the transition, but many new advantages are already noticeable.

Hardware products used

4x Lenovo ThinkAgile HX5520

2x Lenovo ThinkSystem NE2572 RackSwitch

Software products used

Nutanix Ultimate, Nutanix Flow, Nutanix Files


December 2019