“Spring Camp” in Lankaran, 23-25.03.24


On March 23-25, Spring Camp took place in Lankaran in partnership with Fominov Consulting.

The camp, organized for children aged 8-14, provided a fun and educational experience for the children, engaging them in various activities that promote development in different areas.

Forest School Azerbaijan’s goal is to provide participants with enriching experiences and connect them with nature.

What did the children do at the camp?

  • The participants explored the diverse flora of the Hirkan National Park, known for its rich natural resources. They learned about the medicinal value and properties of various plants, made notes, and created lasting memories.
  • Led by instructor Saleh, the children built a shelter in the forest. They collected previously studied plants and brewed tea using pure spring water. They had a fun time exploring the surroundings and gained valuable experience.
  • The program also included a session on bees, where the children learned about different bee species, their role in nature, and their benefits to humans. Theory was combined with practice, as the children observed beehives and even tried their hand at beekeeping. The program not only imparted knowledge but also fostered a caring attitude towards nature.
  • In a hands-on butter-making workshop, participants witnessed the entire process of creating this valuable product using a traditional churn.
  • During the mat-weaving session, the children first learned the theory: types of mats, materials, and basic techniques. They then used their creativity to weave beautiful wreaths, gaining a new artistic skill and feeling like true craftsmen.